Wow, it is new and direct! Technica Inc. (one of the leading Programming Firm in Nigeria) has decided to train everybody how to be a Web Developer. In case you don't know, Web Development is the A-One profesion anywhere in the world presently reason being that the whole world depends on the Internet for resources and information and millions of Websites and Web Applications are added everyday. WHAT IF YOU CAN BE THE SOLUTION PROVIDER by helping people to develop their Web Project and put it online. Be reminded that the only cost you will incur in Web Development is the hosting and domain registration if you can code it yourself.

Technica Community is the best place to be if you wish to learn Web Design/Development online from the people closest to you. Our experts will be treating issues that relate to Frontend and Backend Web Programming, Database Management, Mobile Application as well as Desktop Software Development.

We believe the process of learning becomes faster if you have someone who can teach you in the same language you understand. We have learnt the hard way and understand enough to explain in the simpliest way possible.

You can ask questions and/or comment on any post for better and further clarifications on problems.

The Community is open to everybody. And if you are an expert in the field, feel free to contact us to be a partaker in the movement. You will be given the opportunity to post and mentor people and also increase your knowledge.

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